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Whirlpool American Fridge Freezer Fault Codes


Air damper stuck or doesn't connect

The air damper is a motorised baffle unit that allows cold air to be drawn from the freezer into the fridge. It will either be this one or look very similar but there are a few of these used across the range of Whirlpool US fridge freezers so it may be worth checking with the 12NC number to make sure you get the correct one.


Fridge sensor failure

The fridge sensor rarely gives trouble in these models and, to date, we've not had to use one.


Freezer sensor failure

This is slightly different.

The sensor that does give trouble, often along with the main control PCB at the same time, is this one, the freezer defrost thermostat. Again, please do check that this fits to your particular model as there are a few different ones used but that's the most popular one by a long way.


Communication error between main control board and user board

This can be the wiring but, usually, it's one of the two PCBs that have failed, usually the main rear one.


Temperature inside the freezer is greater than -11˚C

Multiple causes for this error code. Usually however it will be a fault with the evaporator fan, compressor fan or the compressor itself.

- 7

Black out over temperature - alarm engaged

Over voltage warning, a problem with the electrical supply. Pressing the alarm reset will clear it usually.

Fridge Door Open

Fridge door open evaporator fan stops

Shut the door!

If that doesn't work then there is a possibility that there is a wiring or PCB fault.

Freezer Door Open

Freezer door open evaporator fan and ice motor stops

Shut the door! And, as above